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Polylang Integration


Polylang Pro is required since only Polylang Pro offers the REST API integration.

It is possible to integrate with Polylang by enabling the integration in headstartwp.config.js and adding the supported locales to Next.js config.

module.exports = {
// other settings
integrations: {
yoastSEO: {
enable: true,
polylang: {
enable: true
module.exports = {
i18n: {
// These are all the locales you want to support in
// your application
locales: ['en', 'fr', 'nl'],
// This is the default locale you want to be used when visiting
// a non-locale prefixed path e.g. `/hello`
defaultLocale: 'en',

You need to make sure that the locales set in Polylang matches the locales set in Next.js config.

Enabling this integration will automatically add the lang attribute to all REST API calls made to WordPres (when using the data-fetching layer provided by the framework). The lang attribute will be set based on the current Next.js locale (context.locale or context.defaultLocale).