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Escaping & Sanitization

As you're probably aware, React won't render raw HTML by default. If you want to do so you must use dangerouslySetInnerHTML.

This page describes some of the utility functions and components provided by the framework to help with escaping & sanitization when rendering raw markup.


This function sanitizes HTML content with requirements similar to wp_kses_post. If you are rendering arbitrary HTML markup you should probably run the markup through this function first.

import { wpKsesPost } from '@headstartwp/core';

const markup = { __html: wpKsesPost('<p>some raw html</p>') };
return <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={markup} />;


This function simply strips any html tags from a string. This can be useful in contexts where you don't want any HTML to be rendered.

import { stripTags } from '@headstartwp/core';

return <h1>{stripTags('this is a title <span>without a span</span>')}</h1>;


When using BlocksRenderer your markup already goes through wpKsesPost so there's nothing else you need to worry about.


Sometimes you might just want to decode some HTML entities without actually rendering any HTML tags. For this purpose you can use the HtmlDecoder component.

import { HtmlDecoder } from '@headstartwp/core/react';

<HtmlDecoder html="Hello world! &#8211; foo bar &#8211;"/>


The SafeHtml component provides an easy way to safely render HTML markup. It runs the markup through wpKsesPost just like BlocksRenderer.

import { SafeHtml } from '@headstartwp/core/react';

<SafeHtml html="<div><p>hello world</p> div content</div>">


This function will decode a pre-defined set of html special chars.

import { decodeHtmlSpeciaChars } from '@headstartwp/core';

decodeHtmlSpeciaChars('Hello world! &#8211; foo bar &#8211');