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Feeds are proxied via Next.js rewrites by default. meaning that you can directly access the feed via your front-end/Next.js URL.

If you have the plugin enabled, the URLs in the feed will also be rewritten to use front-end URLs. URLs are only rewritten if ?rewrite_urls=1 is passed to a feed URL (which the framework does automatically). The following is the default rewrite rule set by the framework in Next.js:

source: `${prefix}/feed`,
destination: `${wpUrl}/feed/?rewrite_urls=1`,

Therefore, accessing the feed from your WordPress domain will display the WP URLs unless you pass ?rewrite_urls=1.

Filtering when to rewrite URLs

If you want to better control when feed URLs are rewritten there's a filter called tenup_headless_wp_should_rewrite_feed_urls.

* Filter's out whether feed urls should be rewritten
* @param boolean $rewrite_urls Whether the current request should rewrite_urls
return apply_filters( 'tenup_headless_wp_should_rewrite_feed_urls', (bool) $rewrite_urls );

You could use this to always enable rewriting the feed URLs or to use a different query param to enable URL rewrites in the feed.