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The useSearch hook

The useSearch hook is the Next.js binding for the useFetchSearch.

The useSearch hook searches for WordPress posts from a registered post type.

Basic Usage

Assuming a src/pages/search/[[...path]].js route with the following content.


This example is using the optional catch-all route [[..path]].js because we want the /search route to be handled by the same file and fetch the latest posts.

import { useSearch } from '@headstartwp/next';

const ArchivePage = () => {
const { loading, error, data } = useSearch({ per_page: 10 });

if (loading) {
return 'Loading...';

if (error) {
return 'error...';

return (
{data?.posts?.map((post) => (
<h2 key={}>{post.title.rendered}</h2>

The route will automatically render the latest 10 posts if no search term is provided. The following paths are automatically handled:

  • /search/search-term
  • /search/search-term/page/2
  • /search


The useSearch hook also exposes a queriedObject. See usePosts docs for more info.

The queried object for for this hook is an object of type SearchEntity.

Known limitations

  • It is not possible to fetch posts from more than one post type.