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Interface: SettingsProperties



[k: string]: unknown



Optional appearanceTools: boolean

Setting that enables ui tools.

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Optional border: Object

Settings related to borders.

Type declaration

color?booleanAllow users to set custom border colors.
radius?booleanAllow users to set custom border radius.
style?booleanAllow users to set custom border styles.
width?booleanAllow users to set custom border widths.

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Optional color: Object

Settings related to colors.

Type declaration

background?booleanAllow users to set background colors.
custom?booleanAllow users to select custom colors.
customDuotone?booleanAllow users to create custom duotone filters.
customGradient?booleanAllow users to create custom gradients.
defaultGradients?booleanAllow users to choose colors from the default gradients.
defaultPalette?booleanAllow users to choose colors from the default palette.
duotone?SettingsDuotoneDuotone presets for the duotone picker. Doesn't generate classes or properties.
gradients?SettingsGradientGradient presets for the gradient picker. Generates a single class (.has-{slug}-background) and custom property (--wp--preset--gradient--{slug}) per preset value.
link?booleanAllow users to set link colors.
palette?SettingsColorPaletteColor palette presets for the color picker. Generates three classes (.has-{slug}-color, .has-{slug}-background-color, and .has-{slug}-border-color) and a single custom property (--wp--preset--color--{slug}) per preset value.
text?booleanAllow users to set text colors.

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Optional custom: Object

Generate custom CSS custom properties of the form --wp--custom--{key}--{nested-key}: {value};. camelCased keys are transformed to kebab-case as to follow the CSS property naming schema. Keys at different depth levels are separated by --, so keys should not include -- in the name.

Index signature

[k: string]: string | number | SettingsCustomAdditionalProperties

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Optional layout: Object

Settings related to layout.

Type declaration

contentSize?stringSets the max-width of the content.
wideSize?stringSets the max-width of wide (.alignwide) content.

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Optional spacing: Object

Settings related to spacing.

Type declaration

blockGap?null | booleanEnables --wp--style--block-gap to be generated from styles.spacing.blockGap. A value of null instead of false further disables layout styles from being generated.
margin?booleanAllow users to set a custom margin.
padding?booleanAllow users to set a custom padding.
units?string[]List of units the user can use for spacing values.

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Optional typography: Object

Settings related to typography.

Type declaration

customFontSize?booleanAllow users to set custom font sizes.
dropCap?booleanEnable drop cap.
fontFamilies?{ fontFamily?: string ; name?: string ; slug?: string }[]Font family presets for the font family selector. Generates a single custom property (--wp--preset--font-family--{slug}) per preset value.
fontSizes?{ name?: string ; size?: string ; slug?: string }[]Font size presets for the font size selector. Generates a single class (.has-{slug}-color) and custom property (--wp--preset--font-size--{slug}) per preset value.
fontStyle?booleanAllow users to set custom font styles.
fontWeight?booleanAllow users to set custom font weights.
letterSpacing?booleanAllow users to set custom letter spacing.
lineHeight?booleanAllow users to set custom line height.
textDecoration?booleanAllow users to set custom text decorations.
textTransform?booleanAllow users to set custom text transforms.

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