A modern headless WordPress solution.

Build a headless website fast with WordPress, the world’s most popular CMS, and Next.js, the most popular React framework. A free and open source solution by the experts at 10up.

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HeadstartWP is minimalistic and highly developer extensible, making it easy to build upon our crisp foundation without excessive engineering or blocking restrictions. Get common essentials like routing, content previews, multisite support, and block rendering support out of the box – so you can focus your engineering on what makes your site unique.

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Host and infrastructure agnostic.

Build and launch your site where you want. HeadstartWP can be deployed to any hosting environment, whether you’d prefer a managed platform provider like WordPress VIP or WP Engine, have your own AWS or Azure stack, or even a combination of both. Choose the metal that works best for you.


HeadstartWP supports all of the Next.js rendering patterns, including Static Site Generation (SSG), on-demand Incremental Site Regeneration (ISR), and Server Side Rendering (SSR). Pick the approach that fits your site and infrastructure, and watch your PageSpeed scores climb.

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Inherently multilingual.

Reach a global audience with built-in support for multiple language websites. HeadstartWP includes out-of-the-box capabilities for multilingual translation and localization through a native integration with the Polylang plugin.

This is just the beginning.

HeadstartWP is a 10up solution inspired and actively used by clients, including some of the most well-known and high-trafficked brands in the world. We continue to iterate and improve on this framework for current and future projects, ensuring that each new release advances our objective to make it one of the best solutions for headless WordPress implementation.

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